Gold Coast sport: How much more do we have to lose?

IS anyone else worried about professional sport on the Gold Coast?

I mean this is not a new issue and long time locals will probably take it in their stride but it sure is frustrating and the news of Luke Bailey has just brought it to a head yet again.

I’ve heard the talk and seen the stats; the Gold Coast is known as, ‘the town where professional sporting teams go to die’ after all.


The Titans just keep going from bad to worse, losing by 42 points on the weekend against the Warriors and failing to put any points on the board for the first time in team history. ‘The Bull’ is bailing and next season’s team is sure to have a very different look.

The Suns occasionally show promise, but are limping along with their season ending, 52-point loss to the West Coast Eagles on the weekend.  This isn’t helping excitement levels for their 2015 campaign.

Our most recent attempt at an NBL team, the Gold Coast Blaze, only lasted five years before going bankrupt.  Then there’s Clive Palmer’s failed effort at an A-League soccer team on the Gold Coast. Despite the money thrown at them, the Gold Coast United never really stood a chance.

Oh, did you hear, the Council and Football Gold Coast is planning to get a new A-League team on the Coast before the Commonwealth Games begin…Yeah, I won’t be holding my breath.

In fact, it is hard to keep count of the number of professional sporting teams that have tried their luck on the Gold Coast. There is no denying the passion of people like Michael Searle, Dave Claxton and Clive Palmer to get their code a start on the Coast, but starting isn’t our problem, staying is.

So what is it dooming our Gold Coast’s sporting teams?

• Dismal team management?
• Deprived of professional standard facilities?
• Our inability to attract or hold serious talent to give us a fighting chance?
• Spreading ourselves too thin with too many sports on the table?
• Our city full of transients and transplants who don’t have any allegiance to the ever changing face of our sporting teams?
• Or maybe it’s our faithless selves who are losing steam and haven’t shown our support with bums on seats?

It is an interesting discussion for the next barbeque anyway.

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