Gold Coast stripper guilty of glassing Neighbours star

A Gold Coast stripper accused of glassing Neighbours actor Scott McGregor has been found guilty of assault.

McGregor suffered a cut lip and needed three stitches after the incident at Hollywood Showgirls in April.

Lee, 25, had pleaded not guilty to assault occasioning bodily harm arguing she had been provoked.


She told Southport Magistrates Court she had been subjected to a “foul-mouth tirade” from McGregor after she attempted to make small talk with him.

“He said: ‘F*** off you dirty slut. You are a piece of shit. I would never take someone as dirty as you’,” she said.

“He said: ‘I am better than that. I am better than you. F*** off’.

Lee insists she had no idea who McGregor was and felt degraded.

She says she tried to walk away but the abuse continued which she said was the “last straw”.

Lee says she picked up a glass intending to throw ice at McGregor, but instead threw the glass at the actor’s head.

“I was so furious that someone had abused me like that. I was so upset, hurt and angry, but I never meant to hurt anyone.”

McGregor had told the hearing in August that Lee was the aggressor after he refused a private dance from her.

Magistrate Mark Howden today found McGregor did insult Lee but that her reaction was “disproportionate”, finding her guilty of assault. 

She was placed on a $1000 good behaviour bond but did not have a conviction recorded.

She was also ordered to pay $80 for McGregor’s medical costs.