Gold Coast students get schooled in bus manners

Translink has launched a new bus etiquette program on the Gold Coast, to teach children manners while using public transport.

It comes after a huge escalation in fare evasion and assaults on our bus networks, most believed to be from school kids.

The ‘Respect The Ride’ program, sees bus drivers and senior network officers talk directly to students about the importance of good manners on buses, in an attempt to humanise the problem.


According to Newscorp, the number of assaults on Surfside buses has tripled in one year.

64 assaults on drivers were recorded in 2017-2018, up from just 19 the year before.

The ‘fare evade’ button had been pushed 763,944 times in 2017-2018, up from 238,295 two years earlier.

Transport Minister Mark Bailey told myGC the numbers are particularly bad on the Gold Coast.

“We’re seeing higher levels of non-compliance and disrespect on the public transport network on the Gold Coast, that’s why we’re targeting our resources there.

“We want to make sure that school kids know what’s right and what’s wrong, and we want to see an improvement of this situation,” Minister Bailey said.

Though it’s not the only measure that will be taken.

“We’re employing 15 [extra] senior network officers to enforce provisions on our busses and we’re working with operators to put barriers in place to protect drivers as well,” Minister Bailey said.

Following a recent fare evasion round table meeting between schools and public transport operators, it’s understood a range of measures are underway to combat fare evasion as well.