Gold Coast students to keep sweltering after latest State Govt snub

More than 300 schools across Queensland will have air-conditioning installed earlier than planned after the State Government fast tracked funding.

But not one single school on the Gold Coast will benefit.

Classrooms in 390 schools in the ‘Cooler School Zone’ are currently air-conditioned including those in the hottest parts of north, central and western Queensland.


The State Government announced in this year’s budget that $100 million would be made available to air-condition schools outside of the ‘Cooler School Zone’ over the next four years.

Premier Annastacia Palaszcuk today announced $50 million in funding would be brought forward to install air-condition in 321 schools outside the zone in the south of the State.

“By fast-tracking this funding, work that had been planned in future years can begin now, providing a valuable boost to our economy,” Ms Palaszcuk said.

“My government is committed to giving our students the best learning environments as well as investing in infrastructure to create and support jobs across Queensland.”

But it seems students on the Gold Coast will be left to swelter while schools and parents are forced to raise funds for air-conditioning.

Some schools in the Scenic Rim will benefit including Beechmont State School and Tamborine Mountain State High School.

The initiative is also being rolled out in many schools in the Logan area including Logan Village State School, Marsden State School, Woodridge State High School and Waterford West State School.

The LNP has promised to air-condition every classroom in public schools across the State if it wins the next election.

However the Government argues the Opposition plan hasn’t been costed and could see schools waiting until 2028.

For a full list of schools to have air-conditioning fast tracked click here


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Typical Government. Its all about Brisbane.

Gold Coast schools should have to wait, far hotter in central queensland and northan queensland

Broadbeach has air con. We paid for it. ??

I’m sorry but the Gold Coast does not have the hot weather as bad as north Queensland. Funding from Liberal governments always goes directly to Brisbane and Gold Coast and always ignores northern Queensland, where hundreds of thousands of people get a tiny fraction of our state’s wealth. Labor, is reducing this inequality with a number of their policies directly prioritising Northern Queensland first. Stop whining, Gold Coast has billions in funding already. If the Libs were in control there would be NO funding for air conditioning. It would all go to building a private hospital where the entrance fee is $1000 and a toll motorway where each wheel your car has costs half a diamond.

Nerang Primary School is fully air conditioned