Gold Coast students refusing to cough up bus fares

A local MP has accused the Palaszczuk government over ‘turning a blind eye’ to fare evasion after it was revealed the number of students avoiding paying fares of Gold Coast school buses has tripled in three years.

In 2017-18, the fare evade button was pushed 763,944 times on local buses up from 238,195 in 2015-16.

The increase has cost taxpayers roughly $500,000 extra.


Member for Currumbin, Jann Stuckey, said the numbers were alarming.

“The culture of not paying and cheating on paying fares has escalated in worrying numbers yet the Palaszczuk Government are doing nothing to stop it,” Ms Stuckey said.

“This trend will be impossible to curb as Labor sits on their hands and ignores a growing problem.

“This behaviour left unchecked is setting our youth on a path to petty theft and worse.

“The transport minister and the Palaszczuk Government have turned a blind eye to fare evasion for several years allowing total bus fare evasion to leap from 425,000 – 1.67 million in just three years on Surfside buses alone.

“Minor crime and car theft are out of control on the Gold Coast and our police are stretched to the limit, so busy dealing with domestic violence and other more serious offences the smaller but still serious crimes are flourishing and occurring at an alarming rate.

“We deserve more police resources and a government prepared to tackle these behaviours as they are becoming entrenched.

“Why should anyone pay for public transport when it’s so easy to cheat and not pay?

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Instead of employing people to enforce fare evasion maybe we could look at 100% subsidies for public transport. How much would that cost?

You must be a fare evader yourself. I work for surfside as a busdriver. The amount of abuse we receeive from entitled fare evaders is ridiculous. Why should everyone get a free ride ??
Do u get into a Taxi and not pay the fare ? Unbelievable.

Oh here we go….gimme gimme, the I’m entitled, and something for nothing brigade.

Nothing is for nothing! We already subsidise public transport and probably by a lot more than you realise. we’re looking for ways to get cars off the road. Sounds cheaper than building roads to me.

Choice. Evade the fare and go to school. Pay the fare and cause parents can’t afford it. Don’t go to school. Some people forget that some of the parents can’t afford to pay bus fares. Some can’t afford to pay for books it uniforms. Some struggle to feed their kids Is it just state school students that are evading the fares or private school kids as well. Apply for a bus pass. Then Your child gets free travel anyway so what is the difference

Huh … what happened to the leave no child behind! My hat off to those drivers. Everything costs money but young lives matter too. Obviously not everyone is without a fare. There will always be bludgers.
And BTW Jann, Member for Currumbin,… New police recruits for Coomera, Nerang, Southport and Broadbeach have been in the news. One would think you would be more enlightened.

Cheaters on the 750 route always. On the trams even the Glink officers have authority to fine cheaters and checks are constant but on buses its ignored and everything is laissez faire attitude of “She’ll be roight mayte”. Gold Coast transport most disgraceful in the world!!!

Your all a bunch of whiners