Gold Coast suffers biggest hit as airfares skyrocket nationally

The cost of airfares to and from the Gold Coast has soared, with concerns our tourism sector could face a setback.

A number of domestic airfares across Australia have experienced massive price hikes, but routes to and from the Gold Coast have taken the biggest hit.

Return economy fares from the Gold Coast to Melbourne have gone up a whopping 96%, while flights to Sydney return have jumped 91%.


It comes as the city desperately tries to bounce back from covid, with an estimated loss of $2.7 billion dollars to the tourism sector in 2020-2021.

Australia-wide, domestic flights have nearly doubled since May with the average return airfare hitting over $400, or an increase of around 24%.

Rising fuel costs are the main blame for the soaring hikes, with airline capacity numbers cut back.

There are even a number of overseas routes that are currently cheaper than flying domestically.