Gold Coast Suns lose star player in failed management tactic

North Melbourne has blindsided the Gold Coast in the AFL ahead of the draft period, swooping in on star player Hugh Greenwood to sign him as a delisted free agent.

Greenwood was cut by the Suns as part of a list management tactic, which can allow for greater flexibility during the upcoming trade period.

However, the Suns had always planned to pick him up again in the rookie draft, that’s until North Melbourne got wind of the plan.


The Kangaroos coach admits it was actually his wife who tipped him off to Greenwood’s de-listing.

Within 48 hours they offered Greenwood a deal he couldn’t refuse, which was made official on Monday afternoon.

Greenwood has just last week posted on Twitter saying that he was going to be staying at the Suns.

He’s since posted an Instagram story admitting a lot can change in 24 hours.

“Welp. Safe to say that tweed didn’t age well,” the post begins.

“Lol at the time of my tweet on Thursday everything in it was sincere & true and its intended purpose was to simply put to bed any chatter around my “delisting”.

“It was also an opportunity to fully support the footy club’s decision to find ways to make itself better and to also highlight the fact it didn’t change our plans of happily living on the GC and being a part of the Suns for 2022.

“However, less than 224 hours after the tweet, North saw an opportunity to give us a call, and then 48-72 hours after that, with a 5pm DFA deadline approaching on the Monday, both parties agreed on a deal that we felt comfortable enough ticked the many boxes required for us to consider, and ultimately move our young family to Melbourne.

“If I’m prepared to put myself out there then I’ve got to be prepared for everything that comes with it and clearly without the right facts and right information this scenario can be seen as a dreadful look.

“However, from what I’ve now learnt, and what I hope people can understand is that 24 hours can be a very long time in footy.

“I look forward to thanking the Suns in the coming days, but for now we are excited to see what North Melbourne has in store for our family.