Gold Coast surgeon helping thousands shed unwanted weight

Thousands of people around the globe are ditching unwanted kilos thanks to the help of a Gold Coast surgeon.

Doctor Jason Free is one of the world’s leading weight loss surgeons and an expert in the revolutionary Single Anastomosis Duodeno-Ileostomy (SADI) procedure.

Over the past year, the local surgeon has been busy putting together a publication while travelling the globe to bring more ideas back to Australia. He’s also been travelling around Australia teaching the SADI weight loss surgery technique to Australian surgeons.


“I am currently working on a publication aimed at demonstrating the safety profile of SADI procedure,” Dr Free told myGC. “This involves over 1,200 patients at 12 centres around the world, including mine. We are currently collecting data to demonstrate efficacy and safety of SADI.”

Dr Free Safe and Sustainable Surgery

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The passionate doctor shared his thoughts on the technique at the recent Australian Annual Scientific Congress. “The session I was speaking in was as an invited speaker to present a video session of how to do the SADI procedure. It had great attendance and there were lots of questions from surgeons around Australia interested in learning the technique.”

Public speaking comes naturally to Dr Free, who will take to the stage at another conference in October. “This year I’ve been asked to again be an invited speaker at the Obesity Surgical Society Australia & NZ conference to do a presentation about weight loss surgery techniques, and improving outcomes.”

According to Dr Free, the SADI procedure is an operation incorporating a sleeve gastrectomy with bypassing part of the intestine. The operation provides the most dramatic amount of weight loss relative to all the currently performed procedures with no increase in side effects. It has the greatest effect on improving medical disorders associated with obesity such as diabetes, hypertension and high lipids and cholesterol.

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