Gold Coast swelters through its two hottest July days on record

Today is officially the hottest July day in recorded history on the Gold Coast.

The mercury reached an official 27.6 degrees at Coolangatta around 11am, making it the hottest day in the city’s southern-most suburb since records began there back in 1982.

At 11.20pm, the temperature had soared to 28.1 degrees.


Meanwhile at the Gold Coast Seaway, temperatures climbed to a record-breaking 27.1 degrees around 11.10am.

It’s the second day in a row that weather records have been broken at this particular weather station.

Yesterday, temperatures climbed to 26.9 at the Seaway, surpassing the 1999 record of 26.8.

Records at the Gold Coast Seaway in Southport go back 24 years, to 1991, while records at Coolangatta go back to 1982.

A cooler change is expected to move through southeast Queensland later this evening.