Gold Coast TAFE nursing students welcome new ‘dummy’ patients

They’re not alive, but they can bleed, vomit, and breath.

The newest patients at TAFE Gold Coast’s Health Labs are $25,000 mannequins – the first for any TAFE’s in the state – that will help bridge the gap between the classroom and the hospital.

TAFE Queensland Gold Coast Director of Health, Deb Blow said the mannequins can simulate many patient conditions and are are operated by the staff from a remote central computer control room.


“They allow teachers to set medical scenarios and emergency situations emulating real life circumstances,” said Blow.

“It’s a bridge between what we teach the students in class and dealing with actual clinical, face-to-face, live humans.

“This technology is a very effective teaching tool giving students a chance to put into practice what they are learning in class in a risk-free environment.”

Ms Blow told myGC: “Certainly the feedback we’ve had from industry is that our students are really well prepared, their skill level is superior, and they’ve become preferred employees because of it.

“The Gold Coast nurses are the best trained nurses already in Australia, I believe.

“We’ve heard that feedback again and again that our students really perform well. And, certainly they will be well prepared when the go out into industry and when they graduate they’ll be ready to hit the ground running.”

TAFE Queensland Gold Coast is the only TAFE in the state to have these lifelike mannequins.