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Gold Coast theme parks push for early reopening

The Gold Coast’s theme park operators have teamed up in a bid to open up earlier than first thought.

The State Government’s recovery roadmap has theme parks reopening next month but only with 100 people.

Theme park operators say that’s simply not viable and they would need to be allowed thousands of people for it to be worth it.


Village Roadshow Theme Parks, owner of Movie World and Sea World, and Dreamworld owner Ardent Leisure have now come up with plans which will hopefully allow them to have more people through the gates.

“They’ve both submitted their COVID-safe plans to the Queensland Health Department and the Chief Health Officer and they are currently being assessed,” Tourism Minister Kate Jones said on Monday.

“At this stage they are in stage three of the roadmap but I’ll be meeting with them to work with them to see how we can open them up in a safe way.”

But Ms Jones couldn’t say when that may happen.

“My understanding is they want to do it quickly, but the roadmap clearly states that theme parks are part of stage three.”

Destination Gold Coast Chairman Paul Donovan says the theme parks are crucial to reviving the city’s tourism sector.

“Our our biggest market by a mile is the drive market, we need the theme parks open and as I understand we’ve had the COVID-safe prepared by the theme parks and by the Convention Centre and we’re just waiting for them to be approved.”

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Please get the theme parks open,but,must be safe and sound.i was meant to go there last month,but,replanned to start of November.i am hoping, and sure I will,spoil a couple of very good friends.
Please,so much looking forward to revisiting.


Under the current easing of restrictions for Amus****t & Theme Parks the limit is 20 people per room with social distancing measures set out elsewhere.
I would think this similar to how Shopping Centres are currently ran. The statement is confusing & no doubt our Theme Park Operators are seeking clarification on this (they should be).

All our major Parks are big enough to comfortably have 2 metre sq space per family outdoors.
I would think subject to current restrictions they could reopen the Park’s with capacity limits signicantly higher than 20, that would allow for social distancing in open spaces, attractions holding up to 20 people within indoors wait areas + external line’s marked out with 1.5 metre markers (as per supermarkets etc).

Outdoor shows could still operate but at reduced, spaced seating capacity & things like Character interactions & Parades cancelled for the time being.
Indoor shows like theatres would have to be subject to the same Govt theatre restrictions (currently 20, 100 from next month).
Individual shops and dining rooms capped at 20 + an additional outdoor 20 at any given time as soon as possible.
Hand sanitiser stations placed throughout the Parks with ride safety restraints and common areas also frequently cleaned.

With all that in mind I believe our Theme Parks have a case to reopen to capped limits in the low thousands, while still adhering to strict COVID health guidelines as per QLD Govt rules.

Some of the food places are Buffett. How are they going to manage that safely. Stay closed and keep us safe in Qld.

It’s only in move world buffet just close it
And open the parks ????

The local Kmart in Westfield Coomera had a capacity 384 last time I checked. How can an indoor shop have a higher capacity than an outdoor park?!
The numbers are just random and ambiguous. They are not based on reality. Did she seriously think that amus****t park could operate with oinlu 10, 20, or 100 people! She simply shows her ignorance. Maybe if it was her livelihood or paycheck on the line…

No way should they open early. Especially with winter and school holidays, and allow thousands in at a time.

I also understand all of your concerns, and wish to get back into the parks as soon as possible. However as a theme park junkie, and Engineer I have also added Infectious Prevention to my portfolio, there are other concerns that you should consider prior to the theme parks reopening.

1. Staff – Now although the staff know what to do in their previoius job roles its a whole new world with the Coronavirus, if the theme parks are going to do it right they will have to provide training for their staff in regards to new procedures to handle guests.

2. Engineering – The staff that they currently have will be required to do their maintenance on the rides, and other facilities within the park, now due to the size of the parks and the amount of maintenance that may be required this could take weeks to give all the rides the green light, my thoughts slowing down the ride times would be about 3-4 weeks and again with the re training of ride operators for loading and unloading, and social distancing within the parks, especially on the rides this will limit the number of people allowed on any particular ride vehicle.

3. Management – These individuals will have to provide an array of things for their staff so that they can provide a safe working environment, as mentioned training, safety measures, including social distancing so don’t be surpriseed if you can’t get that photo with Wonder Woman or Superman, cause thats not going to happen anytime soon. and then there’s the guest new terms and conditions of entry to the park could be put in place, Remember this is the first time this has happened to us and this will be something that they need to right the first time.

Just remember they have to implement this into all of their parks so lets be a little bit more patient so they can get it right and make it safe for us all to come back so that we can create new memories.

Stay safe


And just as an outside note, These are my opinions and I am not affiliated in anyway with any of the themeparks, I’m just a theme park junkie that loves the rides.

Totally agree. No way should thousands of people be in the Theme parks, especially since they mostly stay all day. And how can you disinfect the rides after every ride. Wait until after Winter and see if we get a second wave in Qld due to people already not practicing self distancing. I live behind Dreamworld, and the estates here are family areas and retired. If they allow the Theme parks thousands, they may as well open the border and forget about keeping Qld safe. !

USA theme parks are open and so are Asian ones, all disinfecting rides as they go.
It’s not that difficult and our risk here is very low. Let’s get on with our lives.

They are packed into shopping malls which is worse. Use your head.

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[…] myGC , les exploitants de parcs à thème disent que ce n'est pas viable et qu'ils devront être […]

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We had crowds at stupid protests and already in shopping malls. What’s the difference?

Now that the border is opening in July when is it likely the theme parks will open?

my name is jeff