Gold Coast theme parks unlikely to reopen even as restrictions ease

Tourism bosses fear the State Government’s restrictions surrounding theme parks will hamper the Gold Coast’s ability to recover from the COVID-19 crisis.

Theme park operators on the Gold Coast have indicated they are likely to remain shut even once restrictions start easing.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announced on Friday a three-stage plan for reopening Queensland’s economy.


Under the plan, theme parks would be able to reopen in Stage Two in June, but only with a maximum of 20 people at a time.

That number will increase to 100 as part of Stage Three in July.

But Village Roadshow Theme Parks Chief Operating Officer  Bikash Randhawa insists that’s still not financially viable and wants a clearer framework from the State Government.

“We need to have, at a minimum, 5000 people here before it makes any commercial sense or financial sense,” Mr Randhawa told Seven.

Mr Randhawa also warned it would take up to four weeks before the parks would be in a position to reopen.

Destination Gold Coast CEO Annaliese Battista says the theme parks are a crucial part of the city’s tourism offering.

“We know that theme parks are in the top five reasons people visit the Gold Coast, they’re particularly important to the drive market and we certainly hope the theme parks are back online as soon as it’s safe and feasible to do so,” Ms Battista said.

“Theme parks are part of the DNA of the Gold Coast and certainly something that families in particular love about visiting the Gold Coast.”

It comes as Destination Gold Coast today made a pitch to Council for extra funding in the next budget to help drive the sector’s recovery from the virus.

The body wants a further $7.3 million to fund “highly targeted” marketing campaigns as we move towards an easing of travel restrictions.

“We’re fairly optimistic after meeting with council today that they understand the gravity of the situation facing the Gold Coast at the moment and we’re very confident that Council will come through and deliver the Gold Coast community what it needs,” Ms Battista said.

It’s expected interstate travel will be opened up in July.

New Zealand will also be a target for tourism bosses if a Trans-Tasman “travel bubble” is implemented.

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The GC Theme Park’s have frequently operated with crowds as low as 2000 per day for decades & sometimes often even less. 5000 a day per Park is a solid off season weekend crowd at best. In light of VTP’s (more recent) far more conservative approach to Theme Park management, 5000 guests per day is hardly their essential operating figure. Especially with extended Maintenance closures of popular rides and barely half of the Food, Beverage & Retail facilities available.

While 100 guests per visit is obviously not sustainable, again the GC Park’s are not thinking laterally as to how they can possibly make this work. They already have proven success with VIP behind the scenes guided tours for around $300+ per person. Why can’t they look at offering multiple VIP style guided groups going through in controlled touring intervals, allowing the groups to enjoy all popular rides and attractions, a bite to eat along the way & a few behind the scenes surprises?

They just need to start thinking outside the box because it will likely be a very, very long time before things return to normal. If ever again.

Mr Randhawa means 5000 guests across ALL village roadshow parks – Warner Bros. Movie World, Sea World, Wet’n’Wild, Paradise Country, Australian Outback Spectacular and Sea World Resort & Water Park, not just one park. So that’s 714 guests per park. They were operational when the limit was 500 at one time per park just before the closure. It will be up to the govt to negotiate a strategy with the parks.

The whole this is a hoax. Where’s all the sick people ?? Nowhere no one is scared that’s why people are travelling all over the place this whole covid-19 objective is to destroy small business and take our freedom’s away.
This is a test to see how much we will obey. There is pretty much no patriots in this country everyone acts like individuals where hopeless at working together it’ll never happen and the only option is to enjoy what’s left while there is something left.
There’s not much time left in the world Sarah. . . .

You’re embarrassing yourself with your idiotic and foolish comments.

Wow! Well you’re an idiot ?

So what is your guess to them reopening?