Gold Coast themepark facing legal action after 8yo girl suffered traumatic injury

A young girl is now facing a lengthy recovery while her family pursues legal action, after she sustained a traumatic injury at a Gold Coast theme park.

The 8-year-old suffered a severe genital injury while going down the Fully6 waterslide at WhiteWater World over a week ago.

The Courier Mail reports the Logan family is now considering legal action after claiming that no staff were around to help the little girl, who’d emerged from the slide covered in blood and crying.


Once an ambulance was finally called and the little girl hospitalised, she was found to have suffered a severe vaginal tear, and would need eight weeks recovery.

Shine Lawyers are now assisting the family, as Ardent Leisure (parent company of Dreamworld and WhiteWater World) faces another lawsuit.

It comes just months after the Dreamworld ride tragedy legal proceedings were finalised.

Lawyers have told Newscorp that the injuries suffered by the girl are unacceptable, and that she’d followed the limited instructions for the ride.

They’re also claiming the delayed response from WhiteWater World staff was distressing.

WhiteWater World has issued the following statement:

“The team at WhiteWater World acknowledges the injury sustained by the guest in question on 22 November.

“It can be confirmed that the guest met all manufacturer requirements for the attraction and was given detailed and repeated instructions on how to position herself for the slide, including a physical demonstration by a slide operator.

“After presenting to WhiteWater World’s Park Health facility, staffed by a team member who is both a Registered Nurse and a Paramedic, the injury was assessed, and an ambulance was called.

“The injury was reported to Workplace Health and Safety Queensland by WhiteWater World upon the guest’s admission to hospital and an internal investigation continues.

“Our thoughts remain with the guest and her family and we wish her a full and fast recovery,” the statement reads.

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Shocking, they still have not learned from previous incidents, staff are too young or not trained to the required level, thankfully it wasn’t fatal like the last time.

Totally agree but you know management will not agree. You can train staff but they still need the maturity to follow the guidelines.

Yes better to shut everything down and let the kids sit at home on the tv or dumb phone playing games …we can’t have any risk in our lives whatsoever. ..and don’t takem to the beach OMG crab bites, big waves, jellyfish, rips, who ya gonna sue then …GOD? maybe the parents? …

For goodness sake Brad. No one wants theme parks shut down. We just want them managed better. Risk is an important lesson we learn in life but it’s self governing and it’s our choice to take. But why is it fair for a child to be injured through another person’s alleged negligence.

Hi Brad
Very true, people complain just about anything…
I just say Have a life and don’t hassle your neighbour or the rest of Australia.

There are 3 other theme parks to go to you f***wit haha they just need to close dreamworld down

This happened at white water world, which is affiliated with Dreamworld. But isn’t Dreamworld.

My question is how on earth you get a v*****l tear going down a water slide… unless your doing something you shouldn’t be 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

Have you ever seen a v*****, Bob? Unreal.

The same way you tore your mother coming into this sad world.

Having worked as a lifeguard at www this season I can say that the lifeguards and slide attendance are actually very well trained. Every staff member is monitored by camera and we are tested every day throughout the day. She would have been told to cross her legs at the top of the ride and would have been demonstrated. There’s no way that a lifeguard wasn’t in attendance they are rotated every 30 mins and as you change over one guard is continuing to watch the splash downs, I would say she possibly ran off after it happened.

Whilst I respect your opinion, I visited Dreamworld and Waterworld just after it opened a few months ago. I was dismayed that most of the rides were still closed (for maintenance? What had they been doing for the months they were closed) and those that were open, were managed by staff who spent more time chatting to each other, working at a snail pace, and paying very little attention to guests. Waterworld was not much better with their staffing and it’s been going on for too long. I’ve visited theme parks in other parts of the world and feel that the management of them here is just far too lax. I honestly believe it would be better if they employed more mature staff with the necessary life skills to ensure everyone’s safety.

I’ve been to Dreamworld many times and always loved my visits and found the staff efficient and friendly. I am sure they would have to be extremely stringent with their regulations now. Certification would no doubt be the reason certain rides are closed. They would be taken through the ringer and that takes time. I went to Disney Land where a boat engine exploded and a part landed on my head. I didn’t make a fuss because I didn’t feel I’d have any ongoing problems but Australia is a litigious country. Everybody is very quick to sue someone because they don’t want to take responsibility for themselves. I only see a sensationalised news report here. Bad news is interesting to most of our warped minds. But at the end of the day, the poor little girl didn’t follow the rules. It’s a terrible shame when our iconic tour spots can’t go about just providing fun for us. How does any company cover any eventuality? They can’t, accidents will happen sadly but it’s a risk we should all take or be bored to tears. Eventually it will be too much for the fun companies to bare and we may indeed be subjected to endless boredom 🤷‍♀️

Oh the poor little thing….

Where were the parents when the girl went on the ride!! It is easy to blame the staff !! Parents should take the responsibility for their actions allowing their children on any activities where there is always a possibility of injury.

What do you think should the staff do? Do you expect doctors to be employed and stand at each ride? Be responsible for your own decisions and actions. You chose for your child to partake in activities where there are a possibility of injury!