Gold Coast Titans CEO sets record straight on stadium relocation rumours

The Gold Coast Titans have broken their silence after stadium relocation rumours ran rife on Tuesday.

The club’s Chief Executive Officer, Graham Annesley, sent a note to members overnight, confirming the Titans were working to establish a “multi-year contract to play home games at CBus Super Stadium.”

Mr Annesley said the club has been negotiating with Stadiums Queensland for the past 3½ years in an attempt to agree on a contract.


He said there has not been any decision to relocate games, depsite recent media reports.

“CBus is our home ground and it’s where we want to play our games,” he said.

“This is all about diverting the excessive charges we pay for our stadium into our football department to make us more competitive.”

Mr Annesley said the club pays up to “$500k per year more than other clubs interstate”, which is why they are simply trying to “compete on a level playing field.”

“In recent weeks, some progress has been made in the continuing negotiations with Stadiums Queensland. These negotiations have been conducted in an atmosphere of good will,” he confirmed.

“We aim to keep all of our games, including the Broncos clash on July 8, at CBus. We are very mindful of avoiding any inconvenience to our valued members, sponsors, corporate partners and supporters.”

“We are simply seeking a fair deal which will help ensure the long-term future of the club.”

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