Gold Coast Titans confident about David Fifita investigation

The Gold Coast Titans are confident they haven’t breached their salary cap as the NRL investigates a matter concerning David Fifita.

It’s understood the league is concerned that the club may have covered up some of their dealings over the arrest of the young gun over Christmas.

Fifita was taken into custody after allegedly trespassing at a home on the Gold Coast, but he was released without charge after it was deemed a mix-up and he had been invited to the address.


However, it’s since been revealed that the Titans may have made a payment to the family of the house involved in the incident.

The NRL is now concerned over where the money came from, worried that the club could be in breach of its salary cap if the money didn’t come from Fifita.

The Titans released a statement last night saying they’re providing all the necessary information to help put the NRL’s investigation to bed, and they’re confident they’re compliant.

“The NRL has requested further information in regards to an earlier matter involving David Fifita.

“The Club is providing that information to the NRL.

“The Gold Coast Titans are confident we are salary cap compliant,” the statement reads.

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