Gold Coast Titans confirm they’ll be here for the next 100 years

There’s been a lot of speculation that the Gold Coast Titans could relocate or be axed after a dismal performance in the 2019 season.

Club co-owner Rebecca Frizelle and CEO Steve Mitchell gave an exclusive radio interview with Flan, Emily Jade and Christo this morning, to officially put those rumours to bed.

Mrs Frizelle said the rumours are rubbish, ill informed, not fact checked… before denying the side will ever relocated.


“Rugby League as we all know is a great source of gossip and rumour and that’s what it runs itself on… but there’s actually no fact whatsoever to this rumour.

“The only way the club can ever relocate is if ourselves and the Kelly’s (co-owners) agree, and we’re not going anywhere.

“So the club isn’t going anywhere,” Mrs Frizelle said.

She went on to say that even if the Australian Rugby League Commission wanted to relocate the Titans, they couldn’t do so without a unanimous approval from the club’s owners.

“If Peter Beattie (ARLC Chairman) rang tomorrow and said ‘Bec we wanna relocate you, to Brisbane, we’re going to do this that…’ – he can’t do it unless we approve it.

“And we don’t approve it. And Peter doesn’t want to move us.

“The ARLC have no intention to move the Gold Coast Titans. Can I repeat? no intention,” Mrs Frizelle said.

Steve Mitchell, the CEO of the Titans, went on to explain to Flan, Emily Jade and Christo that the club is a dream for the NRL.

“If you think about the Gold Coast – there’s 600,000 people on the coast now, it’s an enormous region, it’s got one of the biggest participation bases in the country, it’s one of the biggest nurseries for junior talent in the country, it’s got an established women’s competition…

“The Titans have plugged into every social economic group, traditional landowner group, and it has 12 major economic impacts on the coast a year.

“For the NSO (National Sporting Organisation) for the NRL, it’s a dream.

“The short answer is, if I do my job and we get our back yard right, we don’t need to worry about Brisbane, because we can take care of ourselves.

“We’ve got some Mal Meninga joining the organisation, and the work and the investment that Darryl and Rebecca have put into the juniors in our catchment area, it’s quite extraordinary the patch of players that are coming through at the moment.

“The elite player piece for ’21, ’22, ’23 for the Gold Coast is super exciting.

“The Titans aren’t going anywhere, the future looks fabulous,” Mr Mitchell said.

The Kellys (co-owners of the club with the Frizelles) are about to inject a whopping $25 million into a community leagues club in Oxenford, that will look after physical disability groups, indigenous groups and education groups.

Rebecca Frizelle says it’s a truly amazing contribution to the future of the Titans on the Gold Coast.

“It’s not to fund the football team, but to fund the community groups that we run… with physical disability, that is with indigenous, that is with education.

“So many of these areas that we take care of within the local schools, what that club will do is look after those community initiatives – which is amazing.

“But that doesn’t come cheaply, that comes at a cost of $25 million.

“That is what the Kelly’s are going to invest in building this leagues club, the community club up at Oxenford, to ensure that the Titans are here for the next 100 years,” Mrs Frizelle said.