Gold Coast Titans hammered by Brisbane Broncos

The Gold Coast Titans have suffered another brutal loss, the second since the sacking of coach Garth Brennan.

They hosted their south-east Queensland rivals, the Brisbane Broncos, at CBUS stadium last night, going down 12-34.

The Broncos played a strong first half, putting down five tries to the Titans’ one.


However, the Gold Coast side did well in the second half to hold off the Broncos, getting another one on board.

Hopes rose half way through the second, when Jarrod Wallace smothered a kick and took off down the field.

Though he was taken out just metres from the try line, before he dropped the ball.

Interim Coach Craig Hodges says there were patches of effort throughout the match, though the Titans were still making basic, fundamental errors.

“We’ll have a poor drop pass when we’re trying to build pressure, and that lets the opposition off.

“We’ll have a poor mis-tackle when we’re trying to play set-for-set football and that lets the opposition off.

“At the moment, when two teams are competing, we’re the first team that releases the pressure valve,” Hodge said.

The loss is the second in a row for the Titans since coach Garth Brennan was sacked, and they remain firmly at the bottom of the ladder with just four wins.

All players were put on notice after a dismal performance this season, with fans wondering if that’s the reason their spirits are dampened on field.

However Interim Coach Craig Hodges says it would be unfair to pretend everything was OK.

“That’s the brutality of our industry, you know, they are on notice.

“There’s no point lying to them that they’re not.

“The cold hard truth is, I think it would be incredibly unfair to sugar coat it now to them,” Hodges said.

Meantime the win for the Broncos puts them back in the top eight for the first time since March.