Gold Coast Titans on the NRL chopping block after humiliating season

The Gold Coast Titans have suffered another humiliating defeat at the hands of the Newcastle Knights.

The bottom-placed side struggled to get points on the board, before completely losing control of the match and going down 38-4.

It was supposed to be a special debut for 19-year-old Tanah Boyd, by the time he was taken off the interchange bench, enough damage had already been done.


Nathan Peats’ 150th NRL game was also overshadowed by the loss.

Senior Coach Craig Hodges admits another defeat is disappointing, but he insists the side is improving.

“It’s hard on a lot of levels, because we do – and I know it doesn’t look like it all the time – but internally, we feel like we have been making some progress on some things that we want to make progress on.

“Like the starting points. They’re not the parts that fans and members see, but their the parts people turn up to watch, but their the parts that needed to be our starting point for us to as a club build what we need to build.

“I feel like we have been making some progress on that – quite significant in some areas.

“It just wasn’t there today,” Hodges said.

The loss comes amid alarming revelations that the sport’s broadcaster is looking to axe an NRL club to make way for a second Brisbane team.

Newscorp reports Channel 9 want the changes in place by the time they sign the next multi-billion dollar broadcast deal in 2023.

The Gold Coast Titans could be on the chopping block to make way for a more competitive Brisbane side.

It’s also been revealed that NRL Chief Executive Todd Greenberg met with Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk on Friday to discuss the possibility of the second Brisbane side.

It’s understood a decision on the league make-up’s future could be made as early as December.