Gold Coast Titans pushed out of top 8 thanks to Panther’s thrashing

The Titans Coach says last night’s dismal loss wasn’t all bad, impressed with his side’s second-half performance with just 12 onfield.

The Gold Coast side went down 48-12 to the Panthers, allowing the Penrith side to maintain their unbeaten start to the season.

After a first half thrashing, the Gold Coast was facing an even tougher second half once Herman Ese’Ese was sent off for a high tackle on Panther’s Brian To’o.


Coach Justin Holbrook admitted post-match that it was pretty disappointing.

“We were the last game, we had all the time in the world to get our house in order, and it was just a completely reckless decision on his behalf and we’ll have to pay the price for it,” Holbrook said.

The send-off left the struggling side with just 12 players in the second half, but the coach says it was a pretty impressive performance from there.

“Obviously I’m still really proud of the second half, and I know that the game was gone, but to have 12 men against that side and to nearly keep them to 12 all in the second half, and we had two or three times over the line and just couldn’t get it down,” Justin Holbrook said.

The loss now pushes the Titans out of the NRL top eight, as the club nervously waits for the match review committee’s charge sheet today.

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Oh my god they are playing like 14 year olds can’t pass the ball can’t tackle always bunched up I would be getting rid of a few players. Don’t blame the coach he is not on the ground playing he coaches players think they know better get over yourselves over paid players.I have been watching football for over 56 years and I am a old lady