Gold Coast Titans star risks NRL return by refusing flu vaccination

Gold Coast Titans’ star Bryce Cartwright will reportedly meet with the ARL Commission today, to discuss his playing future.

It comes after he reportedly refused to have a flu vaccination ahead of the NRL’s May 28 restart date.

As part of new health and safety rules implemented by the league in order to return, the vaccinations were made compulsory.


Though earlier this week, Cartwright apparently told the Titans that he won’t be getting it.

It’s understood he now faces being sidelined by the Commission, if he continues to oppose the jab.

Talks are continuing.

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As part of his employment, he is required to have the compulsory vaccination. To me, it is simple, no jab, no play, no play, no pay. If he wants to play he has to have the jab or he can sit out the entire season (such as it is) on the sidelines

He has a right to refuse to take the flu shot . Forced ..He dosnt know whats in the jab. Please check out your rights . stay safe and protect your family ,theses flu shot pushers dont even know themselfs whats in the shot ..monkey see monkey do ..Can’t think for themself .believe your government 100% sorry No thanks .

I believe that no football should be played until after the social distance and restaurant bans are lifted along with boarders
Why are they special

Anyone who is against the flu vaccine is ludicrous and a deranged conspiracist. We have a global pandemic that will be solved by a vaccine – this is no different. Not getting a flu shot is selfish and ignorant

Any one who gets a flu shot is deranged. We have been surviving for a thousands of years on our own system. It is called our immune system. If you do not know how to look after your immune system. You must be pretty dumd.