Gold Coast Titans suffer first round loss after second-half slump

The Gold Coast Titans have started off the 2021 season with a loss, going down to the Warriors on the NSW Central Coast yesterday.

The Titans were able to hold 0-0 until the 25th minute when the Warriors came through with their first try from Bayley Sironen.

They finished off the match with a last minute field goal to seal the score at 19-6.


Corey Thompson scored the Titans’ only try but Coach Justin Holbrook admits we were almost in it with another.

“Donny (Anthony Don) sort of misjudged a try which could have made the game and give us a chance near the end, that could have given us 18-12.

“But we let in those little barge-overs, we knew how the Warriors were going to play but you still got to stop them.

“And whenever you’re behind in those conditions you’re trying to come up with stuff for the ball and we couldn’t do it,” Holbrook said.

He also says the team has some work to do adjusting to the new rules, which make the game tougher and faster.

“The way that the game’s getting played is changing and you’ve gotta change with it and I think they (the Warriors) did a better job of that, some strong carries with the ball and get it down the field.

“They did it pretty well and we didn’t do it as well as them,” Holbrook said.

Warriors Coach Nathan Brown is proud of the win and says the team was very hyped up about the presence of new recruit Addin Fonua-Blake.

“He’s a world-class player, isn’t he. I said before – we were fortunate to get Addin.

“Recruitment is the key to any successful club. If you don’t recruit well, you don’t do well. Being able to get a player of Addin’s talent and skill was very important. He plays a very important position.

“He’s a very, very important player for our club. He’s only 25-26, so his best years are coming,” Brown said.

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