Gold Coast to brace for ‘possibly severe’ storms from late morning

Gold Coasters are being warned that today is the day for storms, with the bureau predicting activity could start even earlier.

It follows a weekend of wild weather, and southeast storms that didn’t quite hit the coast on Monday and Tuesday.

Yesterday, heavy rain did roll in as part of severe storms across the region, with most areas on the Gold Coast receiving around 30 millimetres of rain.


Luckily, we escaped the brunt of the activity, but meteorologist Rosa Hoff says today will be different.

“We’re likely to see very similar conditions to what happened across the southeast Queensland yesterday, with a bit of an increased chance that the Gold Coast could get a rumble of thunder and potentially even some heavy rainfall under a storm.

“We have a chance to see between 15 and 35 millimetres of rainfall on the forecast, but if we do have a storm go over the top, we could potentially see as much as 70 millimetres if it was a big storm,” Ms Hoff said.

The storm activity is expected to peak in the afternoon, but there is a chance it could be even earlier like yesterday.

“What we saw yesterday afternoon was a number  of storms form out further to the west then slowly roll inland and that helps them to be a bit later in the day,” Ms Hoff said.

“For today, that’s still possible, seeing those storms that form in the afternoon elsewhere and then kind of arrive around the coast just after school pick up.

“However for today, it’s also more likely that we’ll see storms form directly above us which means they could come a bit earlier.

“So pretty much any time from late morning is when I’d want to have an umbrella,” she said.



The heavy rain is expected to back off from tomorrow, but Ms Hoff warns there is a ‘renewed chance’ of more storms on Saturday due to temperatures heating up.

“We might have a couple odd showers after midnight, but with some dry air coming up tomorrow it’s really going to knock this weather system right off the coast, and leave much dryer and sunnier conditions for most of the day on Thursday and certainly through Friday.

“Temperatures are going to build and we’re going to have some warmer weather, particularly for anyone further inland, where temperatures will be getting into the thirties.

“So we do have a bit of a renewed chance of showers and storms on Saturday, but we’re not expecting it to be anywhere near as widespread as we’ve had in the last two days,” Ms Hoff said.

Northern New South Wales is also expected to see a fair bit of storm activity today, with the following forecast issued early this morning.

BOM NSW has warned of potentially large hail, damaging winds and heavy rainfall for the northeast area in particular.