Gold Coast to send condolences, honour Prince Philip with memorial

The Gold Coast will apply to have its very own memorial for the late Prince Philip, who passed away last week.

Locals are being encouraged to send their condolences along with the Mayor, in a book which can be signed at Council Chambers at Evandale.

“I have no doubt that the book will fill with signatures, and we’ll have electronic for those who can’t get there,” the Mayor said this morning.


“You can download from the City website, sign it and send it in and we will bind it with the book.”

For those who can’t come down in person to sign the book, an electronic option has also been made available.

Gold Coasters have two weeks to put in their message, before the book is mailed to the Queen, to be part of the royal archives.

‘Philip Park’ in Southport was supposed to be called Prince Philip Park when it was named back in the 80s, but on application to the Royals, the ‘Prince’ part was ruled out.

The Mayor is now hopeful of putting some sort of lasting monument in the same location.

“I’ll be writing to her majesty and seeking her permission to have a memorial at Philip Park since it was named after the Duke of Edinburgh,” the Mayor said.

“That will be embedded for the next generation as they visit the park, they can read our connection with his Royal Highness and his accomplishments with the city.

The Mayor doesn’t have anything specific in mind for the memorial, and the City will have to be guided by the Queen’s wishes for the memorial.

But Tom Tate says it won’t just be a ‘name on a plaque, it will be a reflection of the man’s life.”

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Its high time we stop praising people who had very privileged lives. They live in palaces with personal staff and private doctors. We are so grateful when they smile and wave their hands and crack few jokes. We should praise real Australians like Fred Hollows for example.