Gold Coast to swear in 50 new citizens for Australian Citizenship Day

50 new Gold Coast citizens will be sworn in today, on Australian Citizenship Day.

Mayor Tom Tate will be conducting the ceremony at Council later this morning.

It’s one of over 100 ceremonies that will take place around the country today.


While the federal government is introducing new changes to the citizenship test, which will see applicants have to answer various questions correctly.

From November, the 20 question multiple choice test which requires a 75 percent overall mark to pass, will include an five questions that have to be answered correctly.

The questions will be about domestic violent, equal opportunity and freedom of speech.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has told The Today Show this morning that a good command of the English language is extremely beneficial, and the extra questions will help with that as well.

“This is important, because it is communicating to people, particularly around English language.

“One of the things I learnt when I was an Immigration Minister and a Social Services Minister is that people’s employment outcomes as a migrant to Australia rapidly increase if they have got a good strong command of English.

“That is such an important skill that migrants who come to Australia need to have the best possible life in Australia. This puts an even greater emphasis on English language,” the Prime Minister said.

More details will be released today.