Gold Coast top temp could break July record

The Gold Coast is on track to set a new record for the hottest July day, with Coomera and Nerang expecting to see a top of 29 degrees today.

The Bureau of Meteorology said the previous record was 28.9 degrees set in 1958.

Forecaster Sean Fitzgerald said we are creeping towards the record but whether or not we reach it is questionable because a cool change is coming.


Temperatures will start to fall again on Saturday evening.  It will stay cool into next week.

Mr Fitzgerald said the fog we have been seeing is largely being caused by the sudden warm conditions.

He said “all of those overnight warm temperatures are due to that weather system we had go through a few days ago”.

“Earlier this week you might recall there was quite a bit of rain particularly inland and it directed a lot of moist, warm, tropical air from the north and that kind of air is perfect for the formation of fog with higher levels of moisture it gets very easy to form fog” Mr Fitzgerald said.