Gold Coast Tourism announces new CEO to replace Martin Winter

200 candidates have been whittled down to one, for the role of Gold Coast Tourism (GCT) boss, with the corporation today confirming who will take over as CEO after Martin Winter departs.

Mr Winter resigned from the position he has held for ten years back in March, prompting a landslide of applications.

GCT Chairman Paul Donovan announced Annaliese Battista as the person who will take on the leadership role.


“Ms Battista comes from the City of Perth where she has led the Directorate responsible for the City’s Economic Development and Activation,” Mr Donovan explained in a statement on Friday.

“Ms Battista will build on the current strong position of GCT and the City of Gold Coast, through a fresh approach with innovative and creative plans,” he added.

“The enthusiasm and passion for the role, proven deliverables in her current role, executive leadership skills and an understanding of the drivers of our city, were key factors in the appointment.”

Annaliese Battista will take over as CEO of GCT in August. Image: Supplied

Ms Battista (pictured) admitted it was an easy decision to move across the country to the beautiful Gold Coast.

“I had no trouble in convincing my husband, who works in marketing internationally, to relocate to the Gold Coast,” she joked.

“I see the Gold Coast has the best Australia can offer for local, Australian and International visitors. Through the activation of the city we can optimise the contribution of visitors to the economic, social and cultural return on investment.

“This benefits the City’s businesses, residents, workers and other key stakeholders.”

Ms Battista will hit the ground running on 6 August 2018, with Mr Winter’s departure date to be determined through a structured transition plan.