Gold Coast tourism businesses to protest border closures

Queensland’s struggling tourism operators have decided ‘enough is enough’ on the border closure debate, deciding to protest the issue next week.

Dozens of tour operators from the Gold Coast, as well as the Sunshine Coast and Cairns, will band together on Tuesday June 2, calling on the state government to open the borders according to the state’s road map.

It comes after Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk revealed that the borders were unlikely to open until at least September, stirring wide spread concern for tourism operators who rely on winter crowds.


That’s despite our state road map suggesting a mid-July date would see the borders reopen.

The move could cost the state around $5 billion, $500 million of that on the Gold Coast alone.

Businesses and local tourism leaders have been particularly critical of the call, saying they simply wont be able to survive that long.

Meantime, federal authorities are even urging the states to reconsider border closures, saying there was never any official health advice from federal authorities suggesting they close in the first place.

But The Premier has stood firm on the Queensland Chief Health Officer’s advice.

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Patmysak is too deep now, whatever move she makes now will be a fail:
A) Open the borders early – break her word, bend to peer pressure, appear easily swayed, soft option
B) Keep them closed – strong, but upset a lot of people, cost a lot of resources, inconvenience thousands a day.

Which ever way she goes is a fail, so if you look at it from her point of view, might as well fail and look strong…
Looks like NSW people will be skiing in NZ before they can go to a QLD beach!

It was tourists who brought this virus to our shores in the first place from other countrys it was also NSW lack of control who allowed the Ruby Princess to dock and those tourists spread it by travelling to various states now the tourist industry is bleating about loosing money because we have a strong Premier keeping us safe my question is how much money has the tourist industry cost this country introducing this virus

Did you know that people from QLD travel and even live overseas.
Returning locals have also brought the virus back with them, not just tourists.
This is not tourists fault, we may never know who’s fault it was, it has and is affecting the world.
Having the QLD border closed now is not strength, its bordering on stupidity!

Lives before money. I’ve been longtime LNP voter, but her actions may make me change!

The border closure between gold coast and tweed heads is a joke, I travel across it all the time for work. No one checks passes it’s a waste of resources and certainly not stopping any virus as no one checks the drivers. Goods are transported daily from other states into QLD by road and the drivers aren’t checked.

This is how you protest, this is how you win.
10,000 protest every Saturday and every Sunday regardless of been allowed until something is done. Not ONCE i say again NOT F**** ONCE but every weekend because the government doesn’t care if use protest one day it’ll be over in a blink of an eye.

No one cares until something personal happens to them and unfortunate for Australia’s use don’t have the balls to protest weekend’s over and over.

Just give up stay home and watch net-flex forever because they’ll be another round of isolation / lock down and everyone will obey like use always do hahahaha.

Your already losing your freedoms’s, your privacy everyday by the charade in front of you eyes and use never do nothing, just keep playing by the rules and obeying the orders, the future is amazing isn’t it.

An unelected bureaucrat makes decisions to close the state. They don’t care if people are doing it hard, they are getting paid. The PM blindly follows whatever the Queensland Chief Health Officer’s advice is.

People are hurting and they won’t release that UV rays kills the virus (as research in the USA has shown). They dont tell us that because people know the UV index is high in Australia and would show they could lower the restrictions sooner, but she doesn’t want to give up her power.

Be careful what you wish for. Are you going to take responsibility for borders opening if we get out of control in Queensland with COVID-19 and worse still if someone dies. This could end up like another Ruby Princess but on dry land with people taking the virus to out back areas and some taking it back to their home states. Gold Coast was one of the first places to get the virus and more likely going to be the epicenter if you open up too soon.
If there is an outbreak there again nobody will come back to the Gold Coast until this is all over.
That means a vaccine. . It was always going to be a long term 6 month minimum period. Let’s give it another couple of months and we will all feel more comfortable. I understand you are hurting economically but we could be worse. Maybe you want to go down the same track as NY. I reiterate. Be careful what you wish for.

The Chief Medical Officer Brendan Miurphy has declared there is no valid reason to keep borders closed . What happens now or September with increased infections will make no difference except many will commit suicide and others will go bankrupt or liquidation. You obviously have no empathy except for yourself . Think carefully before you write and hurt people uncessarily with your non medical opinion

Virus active till vaccine, we can’t wait for a cure to the common cold, possibly never, get used to it.

What rubbish Carol. Your opinion shows an unhealthy jumping at shadows mentality based on histeria, clearly there are many disease’s that kill more than Covid, on a regular basis. We don’t shut down the border in winter because the world gets the flu ( by the way, kills more than covid yearly). Don’t compare Australia and indeed SE Queensland with overseas. That is a ridiculous argument as conditions including population density and overall population are completely different. This mentality will lead to the death of more people than Covid through suicide.

Poe, this shows you do not care about those who can not protect them selfs. It’s been proven that those who hunker down will in the long run be better in the long run. 1918 pandemic economically was still felt until 1980’s . Those whom opened up early to “help” there economy took longer….. You can even look at the Swedish model now. While this looks good on paper. There economy isn’t any better off then there neibours and has more deaths per capita

Personally .. I hate the restrictions. I think they are cruel. But I know it having it run the community is worse.

What p***es me off about the border is.. it’s in a stupid place . Because if the virus broke in the tweed heads North region it will be as good as being over the border(because qlders can go there)…. I believe during times like this the border should be temp move the border to the river behind the main body of population then cut north.

You mention suicides. Yerp you argument is correct. The suicide rate will double over this period to match the amount of deaths to covid. But any time an economic down turn the rates increase. This will be no exception… I suggest phoning someone and if you haven’t seen that long lost friend.. it’s time to call them. Troubling times are ahead… Side if we didn’t have lockdowns then the death rate would be 10 times where they stand now. This would also increase the suicide rate. Not as the much as a hard lock down. But hey. Who cares about the 10x death rate..

You would call me an alarmist.. I call my self an historian.

Ahhh everyone loves attacking Sweden. Well the top five worst countries locked down hard . The worst is Belgium and did stage four. Then Spain Italy etc. Lock up hard meant death. Look it up…

There are 6, yes that is correct 6.
And one more time for all the dumb asses out there 6 active cases in QLD,

Why have so many people had the lives ruined and continue to suffer hardship.
Hospitals wont be overrun, so sit down and shut the f*** up if you want the boarders to stay shut.
You more than likely have a government job and haven’t been impacted you selfish c***s.

We signed up for closure to ensure that hospitals were not overwhelmed. We have achieved that and more – time to open the borders and get moving again.
The State medical officers are in complete opposition to the Chief Medical Officer and his highly credible team.
I am tired of politicians using this virus for their own agenda. Perhaps stop their salary.
Open the borders, open businesses, give our children a future.

nice one