Gold Coast tourism to get lifeline to entice more Aussies here

The Gold Coast will receive a large chunk of a $50 million package from the Federal Government to entice more domestic tourists to the Glitter Strip.

The funding, to be outlined in next month’s Federal budget, will go to nine regions across the country that are heavily reliant on international tourism.

The money will be spent on developing new tourism experiences, festivals as well as marketing.


The Gold Coast is set to receive $10 million as part of the rescue package.

McPherson MP and Industry Minister Karen Andrews says the absence of international tourists has devastated the industry on the Gold Coast.

“There’s about 30,000 Gold Coast jobs supported by international tourism and we know that the Gold Coast has been hit very hard by the downturn in tourists, both international but also domestic tourists coming through, so this is going to give the Gold Coast the much needed lift that it needs,” Ms Andrews said.

“The $10 million can be used to things such as develop new visitor infrastructure, develop new attractions and importantly develop new experiences to give Australians, and eventually our international tourists even more reason to visit the Gold Coast.”

The Federal Government will also spend $100 million across the country to encourage Aussies to holiday in their own backyard.

That funding will be spent on upgrading tourist attractions, camping grounds and visitor centres.

But Ms Andrews says what the Gold Coast really needs is the State Government to reopen Queensland’s borders.

“We’re going to be doing all that we can to make sure that the rest of Australia understands that the Gold Coast is open, that we want them to come visit here and the only thing holding us back at the moment is the closure of borders.

“We are a tourism destination, we are very dependent on tourists coming into the Gold Coast and of course they not only visit our tourist infrastructure, they’re also spending money on accommodation, they spend their money in local shops and all of that money has just gone because of the border closures.”