Gold Coast Trams – What’s in a nickname

IN an episode of The Big Bang Theory, Howard tried to manipulate a fellow astronaut into giving him a cool nickname.

His plan was to have his ringtone play ‘Rocket Man’ while he was skyping the astronaut so he would call him that.

Unfortunately, just at that moment his mother yells out that his Fruit Loops are getting soggy and so he was instead dubbed Fruit Loops.


I thought of this during a television ad for the Gold Coast light rail system.

In another attempt to make us like the controversial system, a voiceover guy smoothly tells us the light rail system has become known as ‘The G’.

Since when?

As Howard learned, nicknames are given to you and attempts to make your own up can backfire badly.

Because when I heard ‘The G’ I immediately thought of something very different.

Something very important to a lot of men down south, if you know what I mean.

Yes, the MCG.

It could also be embarrassingly confused with The Big G – the universal gravitational constant involved in the gravitational force between two bodies.

That would be awkward.

And the tram drivers could be confused with G Men – FBI agents.

Although that might be rather cool.

But a really touchy misunderstanding would be confusing it with, umm, The G Spot.

You would have to be very careful with advertising slogans.

For example: Ride on The G to hit on all the Gold Coast’s hot spots.

Not good.

The light rail system has an uphill battle for acceptance if the response of one long-time local but former Sydney resident is anything to go by.

“It’s ugly!” she yelped when she saw it on a training run.

“That’s not a tram, it’s just a train.”

She then went on to reminisce about the toast rack trams of yesteryear that provided so much character as they plied between the City and Bondi.

But no doors.

People jumped on and off as they were still moving and many an intrepid young paperboy lost a leg or two falling under them.

Ah, the good old days.

Hey, that would make a great advertising slogan: Catch a tram – it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

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