Gold Coast transport projects now ‘high on the agenda’ for 2032 Olympics

City leaders are wasting no time getting to the drawing board, to get southeast Queensland’s infrastructure in order for the 2032 Olympics.

Brisbane has officially won the hosting rights for the international spectacular, with the International Olympic Committee handing down its decision last night.

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While Brisbane is technically the host city, the Gold Coast will play a major role as well, hosting seven of the events across multiple venues here.

The Mayor predicts that those seven events alone will feel like the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

It means we need to get cracking on important infrastructure projects, to make sure we can effectively host events here.

However, we’ll also need proper transport options to be able to get spectators and Olympians around the southeast corner efficiently.

Leaders will have to investigate M1 upgrades, heavy rail to Brisbane, light rail extensions, electric east-west busses and more, all to be completed within the next decade.

After a little celebration dance on stage, the Gold Coast’s local, state and federal leaders stand ready to work together to get our city and the southeast region ready.

Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate said the Games will be life-changing for the city.

“I have long said that the Olympics and Paralympics is about two outcomes… great sporting rivalry and the acceleration of major city-building infrastructure for our incredible Gold Coast.

“I will join with councillors in focusing on what we can leverage for our residents, whether it is roads, bridges, green bridges, the heavy rail extension and light rail to the airport.

“As Freddie Mercury famously sang: I want it all .. and I want it now.’”

The cost of hosting the Olympics in Queensland is estimated to be around $5 billion, while a further $10 billion will be spent on infrastructure.

However, it’s predicted hosting the games will have an economic benefit of about $17 billion nationally, with around $8 billion injected into the sunshine state alone.

Federal Member for Moncrieff Angie Bell has told myGC, the infrastructure will help the Gold Coast deal with our booming population.

“Transport infrastructure is high on the agenda, the infrastructure we have currently across southeast Queensland is not quite there in terms of what we need for the games,” Ms Bell said.

“But everything that we need for the games, we indeed need for our growing population.

“The Gold Coast being Australia’s sixth-largest city with the biggest growth rate across the country, we definitely need this infrastructure to go ahead.

“These seven events across the city (Gold Coast) – with seven venues – will be similar to commonwealth games in size, it’s no small feat,” she said.

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