Gold Coast travel company coughs up cash for unfair contracts

A Gold Coast travel company has finished compensating customers affected by unfair travel contracts.

Global Work and Travel refunded $25,655 to 29 consumers.

The company offers young travellers packages covering a range of experiences including working holidays, volunteer expeditions, employment opportunities and short term accommodation in North and South America, Asia, Africa, Europe and the United Kingdom.


The Office of Fair Trading has been working with Global Work and Travel for over a year to make sure its business practices comply with the Australian Consumer Law and that adequate contractual safeguards exist to ensure young travellers are protected.

Following the OFT’s intervention, Global Work and Travel’s engaged a compliance professional to oversee significant improvements in business practices, removed unfair terms from contracts and ensured compliance with consumer protection laws.

The business also developed a practical training program in fair trading and consumer laws for staff and contractors, to ensure customers are in fact afforded the legal
protection guaranteed under the ACL, streamlined complaints management process, including implementing a phone call recording system to assist in complaints resolution and staff customer relations training.

Fair Trading Executive Director Brian Bauer said the OFT was now satisfied with
Global Work and Travel’s business model and hoped the company would continue to
foster a more customer-friendly ethos.