Gold Coast TV weatherman involved in dramatic beach rescue

A ten-year-old boy is recovering after being pulled from the water during a dramatic rescue in Surfers Paradise involving TV weatherman Paul Burt.

The boy, understood to be visiting from Pakistan, was swimming in the surf with his family just before 6pm on Thursday night when he got into trouble.

Burt had just done his weather cross on Seven Gold Coast News when the drama unfolded in front of him.


“We were actually talking about this one gutter because the Gold Coast is surrounded by all these beach gutters that look really innocent and wonderful..but unfortunately, they’re quite dangerous,” Burt told 102.9 Hot Tomato’s Galey, Emily Jade and Christo.

“As soon as we clocked off air I had this one fella racing up.. all he could say was ‘help, help, help’ so we raced out and couldn’t see anyone because they were in the water.

“The family came out but a ten-year-old boy, he didn’t.”

A number of bystanders had gathered by then with a group of young men from Chile helping in the rescue.

After a frantic search, the group spotted the boy in the water and rescued him.

“They were in the water a little bit further down and we noticed him and basically went out and pulled him back to the beach.”

Burt says it was a team effort and praised the other bystanders who helped.

“Everyone just put their energy together and got the boy back onto the beach and the ambulance came and the police came and everyone.

“I believe he’s okay. He was okay. There he was talking. Took a belly full of water, of course, but at the same time, it was just one of those things that you do.”

The boy was taken to the Gold Coast University Hospital for observation but has since been released.