Gold Coast twins one step closer to life changing treatment

FOUR-YEAR-OLD Gold Coast twins Matthew & Harry are today one step closer to receiving potentially life changing treatment for their deteriorating skin conditions.

The young brothers have known little other than discomfort and pain, all their lives, due to the severe skin and food allergies and eczema they battle everyday.

Their single mother, Melanie is hoping to take her two boys to the internationally renowned Hydrotherapy Centre at Avene in France in 2015.


Avéne is recognised by the French Government and over 50 published medical studies, as having success in the 21 day treatment of eczema and psoriasis. It is the only large medical facility one of its kind in the world.

Melanie was initially going to put herself into further debt by funding the expensive trip through her mortgage on their Santa Barbara home.

However, close family friend Marion took to social media in the hope of raising awareness and money to help fund the trip.

“I obviously feel very strongly about this cause as I am so close to the family and as soon as Melanie allowed it, I sprang into action with these efforts,” Marion told myGC.

A donation page was set up through and a pledge to win a $5000 grant was launched through Sunsuper Dreams.

Their story was highlighted by Gold Coast weather & News Together on Facebook and has since touched the hearts of thousands across the world.

At 5pm on Friday, the family was announced as winners of the Sunsuper Dreams grant with more than 5,600 people having voted for them to win.

Almost $10,000 had also been raised in cash donations by Friday afternoon.

“Social Media has not only helped us to get the Sunsuper grant, but has also created a huge awareness in the community for this very debilitating condition,” Marion said.

“It is a stressful, painful and expensive sickness that often has little understanding amongst most people, so the support we have been given is very encouraging.

“It is most uplifting to see a community come together to do such good.

“Melanie is a woman of few words, but I have never seen her so encouraged, positive and hopeful as she is now and this brings tears to my eyes as she so deserves a shot at also getting some relief and support. She was literally hitting the wall,” Marion said.

You can help the family by donating through

For more information the twin’s condition, current situation, and to follow their progess, you can read more on their Facebook Page, “Two Little Boys to Avene“.