Gold Coast UFO video goes viral

FIRST ON myGC: A YOUTUBE video suggesting the Gold Coast is under attack by “strange visitors” has gone viral, showcasing what appear to be UFOs hanging over the city’s beaches.

The three minute clip, compiled and published by “Mart”, shows dozens of still images of what ‘Mart’ suggests are UFOs haunting Surfers Paradise, set to the scene of dramatic overlaid audio.

Since it was uploaded to the internet in late November 2013, the video has pulled in more than 80,200 views.


The images were taken from a high resolution weather webcam facing southeast towards Coolangatta and the Tweed Coast from Surfers Paradise, owned and operated by

This particular camera faces the Gold Coast’s Coolangatta Airport and operates between 4:30am and 11pm, taking an image every one minute.

Night images are usually set at 16 second exposures, so the camera can and will capture lightning when there are storms around.

This could very well explain why the webcam has captured the eerie images, putting Mart’s ludicrous “strange visitors” theory to rest.

The unusual lights which are seen appearing over the beach can be directly attributed to flights landing and taking off from the city’s Airport.

The unusual lights seen closer to the water and sand and on the roads can also be attributed to low flying helicopters and moving vehicles on the ground.

In conclusion, there is no substantial evidence available to suggest the images depict any form of UFO or alien activity.