Gold Coast unemployment soars again as border closures bite

Unemployment on the Gold Coast has soared to its highest level in more than 18 years as further restrictions and border closures take their toll on the city.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the Gold Coast shed 8,800 jobs in July.

It follows an increase of 20,000 jobs in June when large parts of the economy were reopened.


The vast majority of jobs lost in July were full-time, with 8,600 positions disappearing, compared to just 200 part-time positions.

There was also a significant drop in people looking for work with more 5,000 people leaving the workforce.

There are now 30,800 people classified as unemployed on the Gold Coast.

The city’s unemployment rate jumped from a revised 7.9 per cent in June to 9 per cent in July.

That’s the highest level since February 2002.

The 12-month average unemployment rate on the Gold Coast is at 6.1 per cent.

Deputy LNP Leader Tim Mander described the situation as “dire”.

“Before Coronavirus Queensland had the highest unemployment in the nation and nothing has changed,” Mr Mander said.

“For Labor to cancel a State Budget in an election year and in the middle of a recession is economically reckless and the Gold Coast is paying a hefty price.”

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We need to keep those borders closed – our Queensland economy is doing just fine without virus ridden interstate visitors.

This is about saving lifes and I’m sorry to stay but our Queensland borders will be closed until there is a vaccine and for good reason !!!

We not waiting that long she’s on warning notice to open borders for essential reasons atleast

The whole ‘saving lives’ thing is getting old, if government was serious about saving lives, they would ban smoking, alcohol, fatty foods and cars!
But of course those generate much revenue for the government.

There may never by a vaccine.If the border is not reopened by September Queensland Tourism should take your ego driven Premier to the High Court.She is costing the state billions.

Yes it has to be opened on Sept it’s ridiculous she’s costing millions or more and says about all high unemployment as people can’t cross border to work..

Kenneth siebuhr