Gold Coast Uni Hospital declares Code Yellow again after ‘unprecedented demand’ on ED

The Gold Coast University Hospital has had declared another Code Yellow, after an unprecedented demand on the Emergency Department (ED) overnight.

The code was declared late yesterday afternoon, after staff experienced a huge influx of patients to the ED.

Staff were sent down from Logan Hospital and Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane to try and help with over 100 admissions into the ED in a short amount of time.


340 patients were seen by the hospital in a 24 hour period yesterday, with multiple prolonged resuscitation of critical patients absorbing time.

While Robina Hospital was also extremely busy overnight, though did not have to declare the code yellow.

Director of Emergency Medicine Doctor David Green says it’s not fair to the staff who have had to work back to back shifts.

“It’s reasonably common for staff to work double shifts.

“A lot of nursing staff are forced to do double shifts in the unprecedented demand times,” Dr Green said.

Dr Green is urging patients not to come to the Emergency Department unless it’s an actual emergency.

“Anyone that turns up will be seen, it’s just a question of how long it will take.

“We urge patients with less serious illnesses to contact their general practitioner.

“Emergency departments and for emergencies,” Dr Smith said.

A Gold Coast Health spokesperson says that if locals are unsure of whether they should come to the ED or not, they can call the confidential helpline 13-HEALTH to find out.