Gold Coast vaccine rate still lagging as Qld hits new milestone

There are growing concerns about the Gold Coast’s lagging vaccination rate with complacency being blamed for the city’s slow rollout.

Figures released on Monday show the Gold Coast is now sitting at 68.8 per cent first dose and 49.9 per cent second dose.

It comes as Queensland reaches a new milestone, hitting 70.2 per cent first dose and 52.7 per cent double dose.


More than 5,261,000 jabs have now been administered across the state.

Mayor Tom Tate says because we continue to dodge COVID in the southeast, people are putting off getting a jab.

“We’re lagging quite behind because really we haven’t faced a breakout in our city, but I say to people of the Gold Coast, Delta strain is coming and take the opportunity to be prepared and get your first jab and then your second jab,” Mayor Tate said.

“We’re still quite away. It would be devastating  should the Deltra strain break out before we get to out 70 and 80 per cent.”

Mayor Tate has again called on the state government to set a date to reopen borders to the entire country, arguing it will go a long way to reducing the complacency.

“If you don’t do it, people go, the urgency is not there, they just float along. The news saying it’s doughnut day today and alright I’ll just go for a surf and worry about that later and the next day never comes.”

It comes as the Health Minister today dropped a hint about a potential timeline for reopening the state.

Yvette D’ath won’t commit to a target but says the next five to six weeks of the vaccine rollout are critical.

“If someone wants a target, the target is getting yourself protected in the next five to six weeks,” Ms D’ath said.

“That is your mission. Get yourself protected and that protects our whole community and allows us to open up.”

At the current rate, Queensland is expected to reach 80 per cent double vaccination in six to seven weeks.