Gold Coast vets monitor python which swallowed dog and chain

Python 1

A large bulge in the belly of a 2.5m python which swallowed a family’s beloved dog in a northern NSW backyard on Thursday. PICTURE: Facebook.

A PYTHON which swallowed a family’s beloved dog near Lismore last week will have to wait until it digests its meal until wildlife doctors on the Gold Coast can remove the pet’s chain from the snake’s stomach.

The 2.5m python, believed to be about 50 years old, swallowed the small Chihuaha-Maltese cross for breakfast last Thursday.


The dog’s owner went to let her pooch off the leash when she found the snake curled up in the kennel in her Caniaba backyard.

The distinctive bulge in its belly and the dog’s chain hanging from its mouth was a dead giveaway.


The 2.5m python, believed to be 50 years old, which swallowed the family dog in northern NSW on Thursday. PICTURES: Facebook.

The Wildlife Information Rescue and Education Service (WIRES) responded and cut the excess chain.

The python failed to regurgitate the chain and was transferred to the Gold Coast’s Currumbin Wildlife Hospital on Friday afternoon.

Chief vet, Doctor Michael Pyne told the Gold Coast Bulletin the snake would be kept under observation for the next few weeks until he digested his meal before a decision would be made on removing the dog’s chain from its stomach.