Gold Coast votes to put ‘Borobi’ forward as Qld’s Olympic mascot

Gold Coast Council is backing ‘Borobi’ to become the official mascot of the 2032 Olympics if the event comes to Queensland.

The lovable, blue Koala first bounced into our hearts and lives for the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Making sporadic appearances over the years Borobi certainly wasn’t forgotten, but now there’s a push to put him forward for work once more.


Councillor Hermann Vorster says it makes plenty of sense.

“There are two costs of course – number one – you’re going to be de-risking a process. We saw the controversy around the London 2012 games where they quite frankly got it wrong.

“Borobi is a proven asset, there is no risk. so not only do you save money in terms of developing Borobi and protecting his intellectual property, but you also protect against the costs of maybe doing it a second time.

“Borobi is worth a tonne because he’s got intrinsic value, Queenslanders already know him, the Commonwealth already knows him, so when we go out to market if we’re successful with the 2032 bid, we’re going to have a running start.

The vote was unanimous at Gold Coast Council today.

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