Gold Coast wakes to chilly temps from Antarctic blast

Parts of the Gold Coast have woken to the coldest start of the year, as Australia’s east coast is hit by an Antarctic blast.

Canungra recorded a low of just seven degrees this morning, which is a whopping eight degrees cooler than April’s average low.

Closer to the beach it is 16 degrees, but feels around 12 degrees, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.


It’s all because of an icy Antarctic blast that is affecting the whole east coast, with predictions that some areas will even snow.

For the Gold Coast, the weather is set to stay sunny and fresh for most of the week at this stage.

Temps aren’t expected to go above 23 degrees today and will feel slightly colder than that.

Tuesday will see sunny conditions and tops of 24.

Out in the Granite Belt, temperatures plummeted close to freezing.

Applethorpe woke to 1.1 degrees at 6.30 am, but the feels-like temp was recorded at -0.4.

While Brisbane got down to 13.4 degrees around 6.00 am, but the feels-like temp came in under 12 degrees.

The Bureau says the cold temps are a result of south-westerly winds that is pushing cold air mass up into south-east Queensland from Victoria and New South Wales.

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