Gold Coast wakes to early-morning severe storms, more on the way

The Gold Coast is being told to expect more thunderstorms throughout the day after parts of the city were lashed with early morning activity.

Severe storms passed over the northern suburbs around 3.00 am, while areas in the south copped around 15 millimetres of rain in less than an hour.

It did leave some properties without power, particularly up north. Brisbane and Logan areas were more heavily affected by power outages.


It looks like more storm activity is on the way throughout this morning, but the Bureau hasn’t issued a storm warning just yet.

Here’s the radar as of 6.00 am, with the cells moving in a southeast direction.

Earlier, the Bureau issued the following warning.

The Gold Coast is also being told to brace for more severe storms to develop from tomorrow.

They could also bring up to 40 millimetres of rain in parts.

Here’s the forecast for the next couple of days.

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Oh Joy. Another sleepless night with two quaking panting dogs rigid with fear. They’re not even our dogs. We’re house sitters. 🙁

However the wife loves thunderstorms and is a bit of a storm chaser so at least she will be happy.