Gold Coast in for possible thunderstorm, heatwave conditions

Air conditioners and fans are expected to get a good workout over the next few days, with Gold Coasters set to swelter through scorching hot temperatures.

The mercury is tipped to soar to 35 degrees in Coomera on Monday, with a high of 36C forecast for Nerang and 33C for the rest of the city.

The heatwave is due to move through the country’s east from today, with Queensland likely to bear the brunt of the warm weather.


Peter Clarson from the Bureau of Meteorology told myGC temperatures are expected to sky rocket to 39 degrees in Beaudesert by Sunday.

“Surfers Paradise will stay a little bit cooler being near the coastline, but it will be muggy and 33 degrees, so still quite a few degrees above average around the coast as well.”

Locals are being warned the humidity is expected to make it feel even hotter.

“It’s important to point out that we’re in a very humid air mass as well, so around the coastline it does feel very humid, so it will feel a few degrees warmer than the forecast as well around the coast,” Clarson said.

Meanwhile, Gold Coasters are also being told to brace for a typical Summer thunderstorm on Friday afternoon.

“We do have a chance of some showers and thunderstorms forming this afternoon, particularly inland of the coast,” Clarson said.

“They do have the chance to be severe as well… they’re just Summer storms so they’ll be fairly isolated and forming inland this afternoon, and I guess the heat helps them to form as well”.

The weather bureau said the scorching temperatures are expected to hang around until Wednesday, when we should see some reprieve.

“There are some promising signs next week as we do see what looks like a much deeper trough approaching the south east and eventually moving through by the middle of next week, so we should see, finally, a good cool change by the middle of next week.

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Still waiting for the supposed La Nina to kick in. It was meant to start from Sept through to Mar next yr. SO far i can count on 1 hand the amount it has rained on the gold coast.

The gold coast also needs a major overhaul of the weather recording system. The coast is far to big to say ‘severe storms for gold coast’ As people below burliegh might get smashed , meanwhile nothing north of surfers paradise. The BoM needs to bring our weather into the 21st century, more stations, more readings, more digital outlay, and of course further satellites in the future. Im sick of hearing its currently 29 on the seaway, meanwhile my gauge at home reads 36 and im only a 15-20 min drive away. I feel for those further out in the sticks. home gauges are not perfect and unless you are willing to spend deep on good weather reading equipment, you are left to listen to the news, which unfortunately does not cut it in 2020!

Totally agree !! How can you plan your business commitments when relying on the weather forecast which is rarely correct. Forecast for 27 degrees which suddenly changes to 33+ degrees! If it FEELS LIKE 36 degrees then it must be 36 Degrees !!