Gold Coast Water Police will be targeting these things over Easter

It’s not just on the roads that Gold Coast Police will be out in force this Easter long weekend – they’ll be hitting the water to target anyone behaving unsafely.

In a statement, police said “just like motorists travelling on Queensland roads, boaties need to be aware of the potential dangers including speeding, drink and drug driving, fatigue, and distraction and inattention.”

Water Police Acting Inspector Jim Whitehead said boaties can expect to see extra police patrolling the Gold Coast’s coastal and inland waterways, dams and lakes.


“We’re asking boaties to exercise patience at boat ramps and to use common sense when out on the water,” said Acting Inspector Whitehead.

“Let your family or friends know about your plans, and when you anticipate you’ll be returning to shore. Remember, ‘you’re the skipper – you’re responsible’.

“Your actions not only affect those on board your vessel, but those in close proximity.

He said the main focus of Water Police patrols would be:

  • Making sure skippers are not under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs;
  • speeding, and keeping a safe distance from other vessels and people in the water;
  • Expired flares and unregistered Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons (EPIRBs);
  • Making sure children are wearing properly fitted lifejackets;
  • Correct navigational lights being displayed when operating vessels at night, including making sure the lights are working prior to heading out on the water.

For further information, contact the Gold Coast Water Police on (07) 5509 5700, or visit the Maritime Safety Queensland website.