Gold Coast, We can do better

ANYONE else notice the slightly panicky blitz of ads on the Brisbane TV channels at the moment: Gold Coast Famous For Fun?

I always wonder at the wisdom of spending scarce advertising dollars on plugging the Gold Coast in Brisbane.

They kind of know we are here. And if anyone is going to be immune to slick slogans it’s our neighbours.


But it is a sign of how dependent the Gold Coast’s economy is on the whims of the tourism and recreation market.

At a recent business lunch on the Gold Coast, high rise construction king Harry Triguboff said the Gold Coast did not need any more industries – it just needed to do better with the ones it already has – tourism, hospitality and construction.

And construction.

Did I mention construction?

Bzzzzz. Wrong!

The bulging Gold Coast needs as many industries, jobs and opportunities it can get.

A few days later, celebrity businessman Mark Bouris told another business lunch (these business people do a lot of lunches) the Gold Coast could not continue to rely on recreation and travel.

It was, in fact, a perfect location for the IT hub that Australia was crying out for, he said.

Ding ding ding!

We have a winner.

In direct contrast to the suggestion of Gold Coast mayor Tom Tate that the Gold Coast should become Australia’s Las Vegas, Mr Bouris recommended it become the Silicon Valley of Australia.

Oh the years and millions of dollars that have been wasted pining for the limited opportunities of a cruise ship terminal that a large part of the population is violently opposed to.

We should have been concentrating on building infrastructure to attract real, essential industries that are not vulnerable to the fluctuations of the leisure dollar.

All that time, effort, political capital and good will Cr Tate has wasted on a CST that has titanic problems, is obviously going nowhere, and is about to sink without a trace.

That ship has sailed.

I can go on – I have a heap more … Gold Coast: Famous For Puns.

We should be going for gold on the Gold Coast, diversifying and ambitiously wooing businesses that don’t just provide low skilled, low paid, seasonal hospitality and service jobs.

It’s not too late. Let’s aim high.

Gold Coast: Famous For Being More Than A Slick Slogan

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