Gold Coast widow trashes wedding dress after losing husband to cancer

A Gold Coast widow is trashing her wedding dress for a good cause on Sunday.

Amy Hollitt tragically lost her husband Lachie to testicular cancer at the beginning of the year.

Sunday would have been the couple’s fifth wedding anniversary so she decided to mark the occasion by literally trashing the dress she got married in.


Amy popped on the dress and left Currumbin Vikings Surf Life Saving Club and walked to Coolangatta SLSC.

Getting started. Image: supplied

Getting started. Image: supplied

She hopes her adventure will encourage men to talk about their health concerns.

Before her husband’s diagnosis she didn’t know anything about testicular cancer and since then she’s discovered that a lot of people are in the same boat.

She said “it’s sort of been my mission since he passed away to get the word out there and get people talking about it”.

Amy has some friends and family members walking with her including her young son and sister. She had singlets made up especially emblazoned with a testicular awareness message.

She hopes to pick up some more followers along the way.

Amy will ensure that her dress gets the full treatment as she takes a dip in the ocean, has a roll in the sand, she also has people throwing water balloons filled with paint at her so she resembles a My Little Pony character at the moment.

Amy Hollitt. Image: supplied

Amy Hollitt. Image: supplied

She finished by saying that “if I can just help one family and save one family from the heartache that I’ve been through, like mission accomplished”.

You can follow Amy’s journey here.