Gold Coast woman dreams of mortgage-free first home after Lotto win

A Gold Coast woman is planning to buy her first home without the pain of a mortgage after scoring a massive Saturday Gold Lotto win.

The Jacobs Well local was among nine division one winning entries, scoring a tidy $633,095 prize.

The winner told The Lott officials she had checked her ticket on Saturday night, leading to a sleepless night as she and her husband made plans.


“I just coincidentally checked my ticket on Saturday night. At first, I thought I’d won $600. I just couldn’t comprehend all the digits,” she said when contacted on Monday morning.

“Ever since, I’ve been looking at the ticket thinking, ‘maybe not, maybe not’.

“I just can’t believe it. You’ve just made my day!

“I’m shaking!”

When asked about her plans, the woman said she was hoping to get into the property game.

“We’ve been looking at buying our first home. We’d decided to get on the property ladder. This prize just bought it. We’re going to be mortgage-free in our first home,” she said.

“This changes our lives forever.

“It will be wonderful to just call a home our own.”

It comes ahead of this week’s massive $120 million Powerball jackpot, which is the second largest prize in Australian lotto history.