Girl in hospital with head injuries after being hit by car on the Gold Coast

A CHILD has been rushed to hospital after being run over by a car on the northern Gold Coast.

The girl, whose age is not known, was struck on Macleay St at Upper Coomera just after midday.

Four ambulance crews, including the city’s High Acuity Response Unit, responded to the scene.


There, paramedics worked to stabilise the child, who sustained serious head and abdominal injuries.

She was eventually taken to the Gold Coast University Hospital for treatment.

A Queensland Ambulance spokesperson said the girl was transported in a stable condition.

First reports from the scene had suggested the patient was an adult woman.

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My baby girl..?
thankfully she is going to make a full recovery, my heartfelt thank you to all who assisted at the scene. To the dear lady who was driving, I am so sorry that you experienced this, I know it was certainly not your fault – I’d love to speak to you, if you happen to see this message, please drop into our home, if you are unsure which house we live in, the blonde lady on the corner will be able to let you know where we are ?

Hi Anita
I’m the lady who was driving. It was a terrrible accident for all involved . I’m just glad your daughter is going to make a full recovery. I appreciate that you are not blaming me, if I could have avoided the situation in anyway, I would have. There is no one to blame in this tragedy as you know what occurred that day , just so glad she is going to be ok ?

Hello Franca,
I tried to locate you a few days after the accident and wasn’t able to, I am so sorry that I also never saw your reply here.
The only person to blame is myself for letting my babies out of my sight, which has haunted me since that day.
I truly am sorry again and I hope you are ok, and not suffering in any way since that dreadful day.
Leila is wonderful, its like it never happened, just a happy beautiful joy of a daughter. She will celebrate her 3rd birthday next week.
If you happen to see this message, please make contact with me, so I can reimburse you for any costs involved with damage to your car.

Best wishes,
Leila’s mum,
Anita x

Hi Anita. My husband was the person who arrived at the scene moments after the accident. He held your precious daughter until you, and the paramedics arrived. We would really love to know how she is, and would like to say you are in our thoughts.

Hello Leigh
I wanted to knock on your door to say thank you, but I’m not sure which house is yours. Please, if you would, call me on 0402 271 242.
Thank you