Gold Coast woman jailed for organising failed hit on ex-husband

A Gold Coast woman has been sentenced to six years behind bars for trying to organise the murder of her ex-husband.

Theresa Dalton paid $20,000 in her failed plan to have Malcolm Stewart killed back in 2010, during their bitter divorce battle.

Today she was sentenced to six years jail time, though will be eligible for parole in 2021.


Mr Stewart was reportedly so terrified that he would be killed, that he almost always wore a bullet-proof vest and even suffered a heart attack.

He spoke outside the Brisbane Supreme Court following the sentencing, saying he will always fear for his life.

“She could try another move, she’s that sort of person, she never ever let’s go,” he told reporters outside the Brisbane Supreme Court on Friday.

“I will still have eyes on the back of my head the day that she does come out,” Mr Stewart said.