Gold Coast woman uses Facebook to track down stranger who saved her from cancer

A GOLD Coast mother’s social media campaign to track down a stranger who she claims saved her from cancer on Christmas Eve has paid off after going viral overnight.

Leanne Bradburn was waiting in line at Dreamworld with her daughter on 24 December when, sometime between 10am and midday, she was approached by an unknown gentleman whose odd remarks would later prove to save her life.

“We were at the Qbot station when a kind gentleman behind me excused himself and said I had a mole on my back I should get checked out,” Leanne said.


“I was quite flippant and can’t even remember what I said to him, but something in his warning stuck with me and on the 28th I went to my doctor.”

The next day, Leanne was called in for a biopsy which later confirmed the mole on her back had turned cancerous.

“I was told it was a level two malignant melanoma and if it had been left for even a week, would have become a major problem,” she said.

“I’ve since had it removed. The doctors are sure they have taken it all and my prognosis is very good today.”

After receiving the good news on Friday, Leanne took to Facebook to track down and thank her unidentified hero.

“I would like to send my deepest appreciation to this gentleman,” she wrote. “Thanks to the kindness and thoughtfulness of this man, he literally saved my life and for that I could never thank him enough.”

Within 30 minutes of the story being shared by Gold Coast Weather & News Together, her hero was identified as Greg Potts.

Greg Potts pictured in 2013. SOURCE: Facebook

Greg Potts pictured in 2013. SOURCE: Facebook

The excavator by trade, who was overnight overwhelmed by the response from the Gold Coast community, said he was at first afraid of saying anything to Leanne in fear he might have caused offence.

“I am really happy for (Leanne) and am so glad for saying something,” Greg said. “Thankyou for all your comments. It’s really cool to be able to do something for a complete stranger.”

Leanne’s story has inspired dozens of Gold Coasters with similar conditions to visit their doctor and have their skin checked.

Melanoma survivor Mark Lomas said the story should serve as a warning to everyone. 

“I had a level three myself, close to a four, and it was my mum’s persistence that I got it looked at,” he said.

“This story and my own should be a warning to everyone. No matter your skin type or if you slip slop slap, I always wore a shirt as a kid and an adult and at 36 years old it changed. Checking only takes a few mins during a doctors visit.”

Click here to read the Gold Coast’s full reaction to the story.

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