Gold Coaster $50K richer after winning Keno at local leagues club

A Runaway Bay woman is looking forward to a big weekend of celebrations after winning $50,000 on Keno.

The Gold Coast player took home the win after purchasing a Keno Classic 8 Spot entry at the Runaway Bay Junior Leagues Club on Tuesday.

Speaking with an official from Keno this morning, the ecstatic woman revealed how a “simple change” to the way she plays the game led to the life-changing win.


“About once a month I go to the pub to catch up with my extended family and play a bit of Keno,” the woman said.

“I’d missed the last few catch ups, so I was really ready to just relax a bit and have a good night… I generally play a 6 Spot or a 10 Spot, but this time I just decided to play an 8 Spot.

“So when I heard people in the venue saying someone had won the 8 Spot prize, I never in a million years thought it was me.

“But then the guy at the bar reminded me that I had bought eight numbers, and so I started to think it was me… That’s when I checked and I couldn’t believe it. I just kept saying, oh my god, oh my god! It is me! Yes!”.

The woman said she plans on sharing some of the prize money with her family and renovating her home.

“And then I am thinking of going away this weekend to celebrate,” she said.

Runaway Bay Junior Leagues Club operations manager Raechael Spring said she could not be happier to see one of their regular customers win such a huge prize.

“It’s so wonderful, and we couldn’t be happier it’s gone to a local,” she said.

“I was in the club when the win went off and it was so exciting! We are honestly all so happy for her! The win couldn’t have gone to a more deserving person.”